Let’s Make Something Happen!

Early last month, January 2014, an idea came to me. This idea wasn’t like any other because unlike many others, it continued to grow within my head as time went on and I decided that I wanted to make it a reality. There are times when something will come to you and you have such an amazing feeling about that thing. That feeling is so strong that you have no choice but to make something of it and let it develop. When this first came to me, I thought that it was something cool but didn’t put a serious thought into it. It was a few days later when I realized that I didn’t stop thinking about it and I’ve spent so much time creating more ideas off of that one that I knew that I wanted and needed to make it happen.

I wanted to just share my thoughts, I have so many of them running around in my head, and use this as my diary in a way. Although, I’m very aware that I’m putting my diary out there for people to read. I don’t really mind and I want to make people happy, if sharing things in my head makes that a reality, than I’ve accomplished something amazing. 

I want to have fun and I have a lot of ideas. I may not have all the time in the world for this but I will make time. I’m excited and I hope you are too. 

xoxo Brittany NaShara


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