Hello Everyone!
Friend; I think that the definition of what a friend is has changed over the years. In today’s society, our friends are the only people that can insult us and we’re perfectly okay with that. Friends are people we can get drunk with, party, and mindlessly chat with about whatever gossip is floating around. Now, think to yourself, how many of these “friends” do you actually sit with and have an actual conversation about something other than what happened on a popular reality show? “Friend” has become such a loose term that it’s being used to describe anyone that steps foot in someone’s life. 

Personally, I believe that friends are people you can be yourself around, talk to about absolutely anything, depend on to support you and tell you about yourself whenever it’s needed. I can count on my fingers how many people in my life that fall into the description that I have for what a friend is. There are people who tell me when I’m being dramatic, unreasonable, needy, rude, etc. These same people are also the ones who will give me advice or listen to me rant and come to me as well because they know that I’ll provide them with the same friendship that they provide for me. Now, I have a few people that can fit this description but there are two people who have managed to be there no matter what, and these two are my best friends.

Sabrina: She’s the one I can depend on to give me the harsh reality that I need. She’s the kind of person that will fight for something that she strongly believes in. She’s also so similar, yet different from me that it makes our friendship work.  She’s the kind of loyal person that I’m grateful to have in my life.
Juliette: She’s the person in my life that I know will hear me out on whatever it is that I have to say. She’ll listen to me go on a complete rant and then tell me if I’m in the wrong or if I’m just being dramatic. She’ll speak on things that she doesn’t like and it’s our similar personalities and sense of humor that makes our friendship what it is.
These two people in my life are just a few of the people I know that I admire 100%. I see characteristics in all of my friends that I wish I possessed and every time they do something that I think is cool, I’ll think to myself ‘damn, I’m happy that I have this person in my corner’.

What I’m trying to get across is that your friends should be the kind of people that lift you up and support you; people that you can grow with. If anything, the person that you only watch and talk about reality shows with is simply an acquaintance. Get people in your life that you connect with; people that have the positive characteristics in them that you want to see more of in your life. Just think about the people you consider a “friend”, and when you get rid of those who aren’t contributing anything positive to your life I guarantee everything will feel so much better.

xoxo Brittany NaShara

Picture 1: Sabrina and I, New Years Eve 2013
Picture 2: Juliette and I, My 21st Birthday

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