What 2014 Taught Me

It was around this time last year that I had the idea to create this blog. Since then, I’ve been working to make this into what I had planned out. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but then anything you really want is never easy to achieve right? 2014 was an interesting year in my life. I set out to reach the same ultimate goal that I have now: to be happy. I ended up spending a majority of the year severely unhappy. There were way too many nights that I sat crying over something that in reality didn’t mean that much in the first place. There were too many nights that I sat awake in the middle of the night lost in my depressing thoughts. In the end, 2014 didn’t go exactly the way that I had envisioned but that’s okay.

I may have spent most of the year being unhappy, but there were definitely good moments. I had amazing friends who saw to it that I had a good time whenever we were out. Great people who had faith and believed in me when I wanted nothing more than to give up on myself. I wouldn’t have gotten through any of it without the people in my corner and it’s because of them that I learned the lessons that I chose to carry with me into 2015. 
I learned to live everyday like an adventure. Every single day provides new opportunities to experience something new. There’s always some kind of adventure waiting to be had.
Always smile; I saw a quote a while ago that said something along the lines of  “never frown, someone could be falling in love with your smile.” Well, someone may not be falling in love with my smile or anything like that but I do believe that smiles just make people happy. I gain so much happiness from seeing others happy and if a smile can do that for someone, then shouldn’t we smile all the time? 
Don’t take life too seriously. I spent so much time stressing over things last year that it made me physically ill. I worried so much about everything and just let it all get to me. If I just relax more, things will be a bit easier.
Do more of what makes you happy. I think this was the biggest thing that I chose to carry with me into 2015. For the longest time, I did what people thought would be best for me, or what I believed people wanted me to do. Last year, I found things that I became passionate about and I want to continue to do them. You’d never be miserable if you were doing something that you love. 
Spread positive vibes; The amazing people in my life sent nothing but positive vibes my way last year and it did make a difference. With all of the negativity everywhere, everyone could use some positive vibes. Keep that in mind as you go along this year. 
Those are just a few things I chose to carry with me that I learned in the previous year. There are always new lessons out there for people, waiting to be learned. This entire year is an opportunity, use it!                                                                          

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