Current Music Favorites

Hello Everyone!

I love all kinds of music. I never really understood how different genres of music apparently only appealed to specific groups of people. Music was always kind of a “free roaming” area in my life. So, unlike many of the people around me, I didn’t confine myself to one genre.

One of my favorite things is when people send me songs or artists to listen to, or when I randomly come across some song and end up loving it. That’s what I want to do on here. Every now and then, I’ll let you guys know what some of my favorite songs are at the moment. It’s up to you if you decide to take a listen (I highly suggest that you do though).

These are a few songs I really like at the moment:

Gasoline by Troye Sivan

F*** It All by Elle Varner

East Of Eden by Zella Day

Bated Breath by Tinashe

Nothing Better by Dylan Saunders

Don’t Wait by Mapei

If you’re like me and enjoy coming across new music, check out these songs. If you really want to, leave some artists and/or songs in the comments (I’d really enjoy that).

~Brittany NaShara


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