A Cool Little Place I Found

Hello Everyone!

I love books, that’s the best way to start this off. I’ve always loved the thrill of getting lost in a story. I admire how writers are able to create characters that people can relate to and situations that manage to move the reader.

Yesterday, I found what has to be one my new favorite places. It was what appeared to be a small little book store that was actually bigger than it seemed. I think I fell in love with this place the second I opened the door and there was a cat sitting there. When I walked all the way in, I found that there were rooms stacked with books of all genres.

This store was perfect in my eyes, I honestly could have stayed there all day long. I ended up walking out with an armful of books (which aren’t actually that many considering I have t-rex arms). There was an ‘at home’ feel to this place that made it that much better.

There really isn’t much else to say except that I’m pretty obsessed with this place. Philly has so many small little stores that are so easy to miss. These stores end up becoming some of my favorite places when I actually come across them.

The result can be great when you explore your own city. I suggest everyone try it, you never know what you’ll find.

~Brittany NaShara


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