Meeting The Sweetest People Ever

Hello Everyone!


So, on Saturday I attended the Good Guys and a Girl tour. The lineup for the concert was Rachel Platten, Paradise Fears, Alex & Sierra, and Andy Grammer. Now I’m gonna be completely honest here and let you all know that Alex & Sierra were pretty much the only reason I bought a ticket to the show (although I ended up being amazed by all of the acts).

I’ve been following Alex & Sierra as a fan since I first saw their audition on the X Factor. There was something about them that immediately drew me in. I just knew that no matter what happened on that show, I was gonna see them live one day. So when they announced that they were going on this tour I jumped at the chance to buy my ticket. I went as far as buying a VIP ticket because I wasn’t gonna pass on an opportunity to meet an artist that I absolutely love.

Nothing about what I was about to experience seemed real until it was about to happen. I was pretty much going through the motions of the day and the fact that I was going to meet them didn’t fully register with me. It was when we were in the venue and were waiting in line for pictures that I took a moment and thought to myself “oh my, this is actually happening.”

I watched everyone in front of me get their pictures taken and then my turn came up. This is where things sort of felt like a dream because the first thing Sierra did was give me a hug and then the first thing she said to me was “you’re beautiful” and I was just floored because I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. So yeah, that was a real self esteem booster right there. Then I hugged Alex and he’s just so tall compared to me (just like everyone else in the world). It was after I hugged them both that I said the first thing that popped into my head which was “I’ve literally been waiting for this day since I saw your audition” and in my head I just wanted to drop because there are so many other things I could have said in that moment.

After the picture was taken, and after my heart calmed down, they made their way through all of us to come chat and sign things. They spent a few minutes with me and the group I was with and I really liked how intimate it was and how genuine they both were.

When it came time for their set, I was just living for the music (and the fact that they’re absolutely adorable). I love shows that you know are just about the music, where everything is real and you can feel how passionate the artist is about their craft. I felt that throughout the whole concert and those are the kind of artists that I love listening to.

I wish I could go into detail about how amazing every single song was and how the whole time they were singing I kept repeating “slayyyyy” in my head. I’m always trying to get people to listen to their music and now I’m putting it on here. Give their album a listen and if you ever get the opportunity, see them live because it’s so worth it.

~Brittany NaShara


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