New Music Obsession: Paradise Fears

Hello Everyone!

Would you look at that, two posts in two days……this is actually a new record.

Anyway, I’m gonna start this off by mentioning that Saturday night, the 21st, was the first time I’ve ever heard of Paradise Fears. What better way to be introduced to new music than to see the artist perform live right? When their set was about to begin there were so many people closer to the stage all of a sudden, I actually ended up somewhere between the second and third row somehow but I’m not complaining. I had looked around and there were so many people there to see this band a
nd I remember thinking to myself  “wow, I really hope they’re good”.

When they started playing, my initial thought was “they sound really good” and it was their sound that made me start to vibe with them. I found myself really enjoying their set once I started listening to the lyrics and something just kind of happened. You know how you just click with someone within your initial meeting with them? That was a moment I had when listening to them live, I just clicked with their music….if that makes any sense at all. Something about them drew me in, it could be because of how much energy they give off or because I’ve always been drawn to bands.

I did get some pictures because I was so close to the stage and I just couldn’t resist. I didn’t really record any video because I just love enjoying the music and watching them live was something I wanted to continue to experience with my eyes and not through my phone screen. Although, I do wish I had my own video evidence of them performing their version of R.Kelly’s ‘Ignition Remix’ because I think that version is my new favorite thing.

R. Kelly cover aside, I enjoyed their set so much that I bought a physical copy of Battle Scars from their merch table, along with a poster. I almost bought a shirt too but hey, struggling college student here.

Naturally, when I got home from the concert, I went ahead and got pretty much every song by them I could find on iTunes and it’s safe to say that I’ve had their songs on repeat since then.

‘Sanctuary’ is a song that I immediately connected with. They performed this live and for a while I just looked around me in the audience and watched fans recite the speech in the song and I was just amazed at the effect it has on that many people. I cried the first time I listened to this song at home. It’s one of those songs that I wish I had found a year ago, because it really would have helped. This is one of those songs that make you understand why people say “this artist saved my life”.

It’s no secret that I love music. I love what it does for people and how it makes me feel. I listen to such a wide range of artists and even though I love a lot of them, my favorites are the ones that project their passion into their music. Paradise Fears does that for me;  you can feel how passionate they are about their craft through their music and that’s why they’ve very quickly made their way into my top 5 favorite bands. So check them out, see them live, listen to their lyrics, and just live.

~Brittany NaShara

*the lovely picture at the top of this post is courtesy of & , check out that lovely photography 🙂


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