Christmas Things Everywhere!

With it being the beginning of December, the city has begun hanging lights, lighting fireplaces, and overall making everything more festive. One of my favorite festive things here is Christmas Village, although it isn’t quite ready yet so I can’t fully take in that greatness yet.
I couldn’t actually wait for Christmas Village to be ready so I convinced my lovely friends to go on a crazy adventure with me around the city to find festive decorations. 
We started at city hall, which has an ice skating rink and a lovely store that sells delicious hot chocolate. The inside of the store resembled a ski lodge, everything was creatively decorated with wood (it’s now one of my favorite places, it was so cute).
Somehow, we ended up down by the ice skating rink by the river and I didn’t want to leave; it was so festive! There was a giant tree, lights everywhere, the lodge as beautiful, but those weren’t even the best parts! The best part had to have been these mini lodges they had that kind of resembled a living room. Each one had a fireplace, there were couches, decorations, and blankets, and it was so homey. My friends and I quickly snagged one when it was free and just relaxed. One day, we’ll have to go back and actually ice skate when everything is all lit up (lots of instagram moments!). 
Walking around in December is amazing, everyone becomes a bit more merry and everything is a bit more festive. I can’t wait to see what the city looks like closer to Christmas!
~Brittany NaShara


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