New Music Obsession: Lili K.

Oh. My. Goodness.

If you haven’t heard of Lili K. yet, I’m glad I’m the one that gets to introduce her and her amazing music to you. I got the chance to go to the Made in America music festival this year here in Philly. Now, I had a clear plan of which acts I wanted to see such as Nick Jonas, Halsey, Future, J.Cole, Beyonce, and The Weeknd. Those were pretty much the only people I wanted to see while I was there, and I had made that my goal.

On the second day of the festival, we had time to kill so we had decided to walk around and see what was happening on the other stages. It was while walking around, that we saw Lili K. and her band set up and begin performing. I’m a lover of good live music and honestly, when this girl started singing I just wanted to keep listening because her voice was just that good. We were right in front of the stage and we stayed there and enjoyed every minute of her set.

I wish I could find all the words I needed to describe how good of a performer she is. After her set, we got the chance to meet her and I got to tell her how refreshing it is to hear such good live music. Those are the kind of artists I want to see all the time because music is a way for people to express themselves and when you hear something like her set live, you can feel the emotion and passion behind the songs; those are best kind of concerts.

I got to see her perform live again a few weeks after Made in America. She performed before The Suffers (who were absolutely amazing and I need to see them live again), and it was great seeing people in the audience vibe to the music. Intimate concerts like that make me happy because it feels more personal (also, because I’m so small, I don’t have to worry about not being able to see if there’s less people).

I took home a physical copy of her album ‘Ruby’ that night and it’s so good. Seriously, I’ve suggested it to pretty much everyone that would listen to me. I can’t stress enough how excited I am about her music. So go give her a listen, fall in love with the music, and be happy with life okay? okay.

Buy ‘Ruby’ on Google Play (Also available on iTunes)
See her new video ‘Pour Some Shuga’

~Brittany NaShara


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