New Year, New Chapter


Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. I’ve been balancing spending it with my family, friends, and my job (It’s been fun though). It is now officially 2016 and I am pretty excited. This is the best I’ve ever felt going into a new year and I’m so ready for all the adventures waiting to be had. I’m going into this year with good friends, a great boyfriend, and excitement about my new school and everything I plan on doing.

So like the beginning of last year, I’m making myself a list of things I would like to focus on throughout the year… yeah, here’s my list:

  1. Focus: This has actually been a struggle for me! I get bored of things so quickly and easily, so as a result I just end up losing focus and forgetting about things. I know that I can accomplish a lot more than I already do and I’m going to push myself to focus more.
  2. Worry More About Myself: I’m so quick to put whatever it is I want aside in order for someone else to be happy. As great and selfless as that is, I need to tone it back a bit. I need to be a little more selfish because that will actually benefit me and what I want to do in my life. I just have to remind myself that my life is meant for me, no one else.
  3. Workout: Just……I need to see the inside of a gym. I’m going to do this guys!
  4. Make More Lists: I forget things. I make little mental notes all the time and then something happens to make me forget about it. So I’m giving myself the task of making more lists to get more things done.
  5. Take More Pictures: Pictures are photo evidence of memories. I’m in my early twenties and these are the years that I personally want to always remember. So I hope my friends don’t mind me shoving a camera in their faces because I’ll be doing that a lot this year, yay!
  6. Eat Healthier: Step away from all of the junk food Brittany……just do it.
  7. Live More: Live life more and take advantage of opportunities. Don’t just exist.
As you can see, my goal is to be more productive and just better myself this year. Getting my life together takes time and I feel like this is a good step in the right direction. Bring it on 2016.
What about you? Feel free to share what your goals are.
~Brittany NaShara

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