What I did in 2015

Hello Everyone!

This time last year, I wrote a post about what 2014 taught me and what lessons I wanted to carry with me into 2015. I had the main goal of just being happy in 2015 and, all trials aside, I think that I pretty much achieved that. So let’s do a recap, shall we?

I smiled more; I had people with positive vibes around me so it was pretty hard to not smile. My friends have proven to be the best at being the best. That thing about “someone could be falling in love with your smile” thing kept playing in my head and now here I am with someone special. Wow.

Everyday was an adventure; we definitely took life by the horns and made it our own. I did a lot of exploring with my best friends. We went to concerts, I met musicians that I love, I met cool people. My adventures, so far, have had some pretty amazing outcomes. I can’t wait for all of the new ones.

I had fun; I tried so hard not to stress so much about everything (which was hard because I was graduating) and to not take life seriously, but I did it! I didn’t care about what people thought of me if I walked around with cat ears on my head or fairy wings on my back. I saw chances to be my true weird and random self and I loved every minute of it. I believe
that not caring so much about things that are out of your control makes life so much easier and takes less of a toll on you.

I did things that made me happy; I went back to a job that I loved, I started taking pictures, I went on walks, I drank starbucks, I read books, I watched Disney movies, I went to concerts. 2015 was supposed to be about my happiness and I felt free in every one of these moments.

As a bonus, I went to Disney World and lived my entire life. Seriously, it was the best week of my life. I didn’t care if I had sprained my ankle two days before and could barely walk, I made it everything. Aladdin and Jasmine told me that I’d be welcomed at the palace, Alice wished me a happy u
n-birthday, I talked about Captain Hook’s unhappy thoughts with
Peter Pan. If you know me at all you’ll know that the Peter Pan moment was my favorite. That was probably the only thing I didn’t get a picture of because I was so wrapped up in my happy moment. To top it all off, I was referred to as a princess in every single park (life made). I was perfectly fine being 22 years old, and being slightly more excited than my younger sisters. I need to go back at some point, hopefully without any injuries.

So 2015, proved to be pretty much what I hoped it would be. I’m a lot happier and that was the goal. Did you complete any of your goals?

~Brittany NaShara


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