Valentine’s Day Goodies


Hello there,

So, valentine’s day was last month….I hope everyone spent it with people that they love. I’ve never actually celebrated a valentine’s day before this year so everything that happened after I got off work was all new territory for me.

Going all out for one day just seems odd to me because I’m one of those people that firmly believe that you should show that you care all year round and not just for this man made holiday. But enough of that before I go on a rant…..

I’ve never had a proper valentine, I’m one of those people who will give my best friends something on this day because those are the people that I love. This year, I’m actually in a relationship and to be honest neither one of us actually care much for the “holiday”. So imagine my face when I was given these goodies along with a bouquet of roses (that sadly died about a week and half later).

I knew we were going to dinner, that was the only thing I knew because I basically picked the restaurant. We went to this lovely restaurant called Pod and I had some of the best sushi ever and I was very happy. That was all I believed I was getting because I honestly didn’t want him spending more money on me.

Nothing was wrapped, everything was in their respective store bags and I’m glad for that. These were things that I had planned on getting at some point, he just beat me to it (turns out he had help from my best friends so that’s extra points there).

The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: My new favorite thing, seriously I’ve been wearing eyeshadow so much more because I’ve been playing around with this palette.

The Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair 5 Piece Brush Set: I’ve fallen in love with more brushes….they’re so soft! The bag comes with it and there is a powder brush, contour brush, all-over shadow brush, blending brush, and a liner brush.

MAC Lipglass in the shade Myth: it’s pretty much a lipgloss, the shine is just very reminiscent of glass. Myth is a light nude and it’s honestly a perfect color for me. It also fits very well with my current trend of wearing either a dark lipstick or a nude lipgloss. I like this formula and color a lot.

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in the shade High Drama: This is absolute life! It’s the perfect matte look and the wand makes it so applicable. The only thing is that when it’s time to take it off, it fights to stay on. This lip color does not go away easily, but it’s great and I pretty much want all of the colors now.

That’s what I received and I’m very grateful for all of it. You can find all of these things in stores and I recommend every single product.

~Brittany NaShara





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