Halloween ’16

I love Halloween. It’s easily one of my favorite times of the year. Last year, I kind of threw something together last minute and ended up being a fairy. It was mostly formed of things that I had already owned.

For a bit of a rundown: the dress was from JcPenny, Tights from H&M, Flower crown from Urban Outfitters, Wings from Spirit Halloween, and I can never remember where I got the boots from.

This was my last minute, an hour before I had to leave my house, costume. I actually really liked it, it’s one of my favorites. One of my friends likes to say that I remind her of a fairy all the time so I thought it was fitting. Maybe I’ll revisit this costume but have it be a lot more thought out.

This year, I still kind of did my costume last minute. I had just got back from vacation the day before Halloween and on that day, I went out in search of something to be. I originally was going to be Evie from Descendants to couple with my friends Mal costume, but that was before I realized how much I had to actually put into it and I just didn’t have enough time to get it together before I left. My backup was to just be a broken doll, which I had wanted to be before but the specific costume I wanted was sold out. Eventually I did find something, it was still a doll but just a tiny bit different.

Dress is from Hot Topic (it even has the wind up key on the back), Thigh Highs from Hot Topic, Wig borrowed from my friend, and the boots are the same ones that I can never remember where I got them.

I think my favorite part was the makeup I did for this broken wind-up doll look. The cracks were temporary tattoos and I cut the lashes in half so that they fanned out more. There were freckles dotted across my cheeks and nose and I wore a pink lip (something I rarely do). It was fun to say the least. I’m already planning for next year.

~Brittany NaShara





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