What I learned in 2016

2016 was by far the hardest year I’ve endured. It was during that year I had some really low points that in the end resulted in me shutting myself down and not speaking to anyone. I think 2016 was a hard year f0r most people and, like myself, everyone is looking at 2017 as a fresh start. So here are some lessons that I learned last year that I want to bring with me into this new year.

image3It’s okay to cry: I don’t like crying, but I learned that for the most part all I ever needed was to just cry things out and that’s okay. No one is going to look at you differently if you shed a few tears. It’s not good to keep those emotions in and that is something I’m going to have to keep reminding myself.

You don’t have to pretend you’re okay: I’m the queen of pretending that everything is fine with me. Last year, people saw through me and they were not okay with it at all. I was falling apart. I refused to tell anyone that I felt like everything was crumbling down around me and finally my best friends refused to deal with it anymore and spoke up to me. It’s better to be honest about everything.image1-2

Your mental health is important: I can’t stress this enough. Anxiety. Depression. It’s so
very real and no one likes to talk about it. It’s so hard to cope with and not as black and white and some people make it out to be. Reminding myself that my mental health is just as important as anything else will make things easier, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

Basically, I want to be a better version of myself in 2017. I want to be a person that’s okay with their faults. That can beat the obstacles that stand in their way. I want to end this new year at a complete 180 from where I ended 2016. That’s my only resolution.

~Brittany NaShara


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