Meeting the Sweetest Human Ever: Christen Dominique


If anyone knows me at all, they know that I spend entirely too much time watching YouTube videos. Those people also know that I love everything about makeup. When you put those things together, you can pretty much guess that I watch a lot of beauty videos.

I first came across Christen when I joined ipsy about a year ago, if I wanted to get this subimg_0275scription then I wanted to learn more about the influencers who are involved with it. Christen quickly became one of my favorite youtubers after I binged watched a majority of the videos on her channel. Her videos genuinely make you feel good, they make you smile because she’s absolutely adorable and you can tell how much she enjoys doing it.

I said I wanted to be a better version of myself this year and doing that includes doing things that make me happy. I put this in motion when I decided to take a two hour journey to go meet her at a meet up inside of MAC for the Shadescents (which I really need to get because they smell amazing) on January 18th. I didn’t care that no one could go with me, my boyfriend had to work and my best friend had classes to attend, I was determined to go and meet someone who makes videos that help me feel good about myself.

I showed up around 2:30, the meet up wasn’t until 5, and ended up being the first person to receive a wristband. There was no purchase necessary which I thought was great because my college student budget couldn’t afford anything at that moment (I’m laughing at myself as I type this because as soon as I get paid, my money goes there). img_0283

When 5 o’clock finally rolled around and my turn to meet her finally came up, I walked up and hugged her (she gives amazing hugs by the way). I couldn’t stop smiling because she just gave off such a positive vibe. Talking to her literally felt like I was talking to a good friend and that made the whole thing that much more amazing. As a plus, we got to play with my favorite snapchat filter. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m glad I made that journey.

As a bonus, she called me gorgeous on twitter and I just about died because every girl has confidence issues and I definitely felt that I didn’t look my best that day and overall, that just made me feel good about myself. She’s a gem.

So Christen, if by some chance you’re actually reading this, thank you. Thank you for just being the sweet person that you are. Thank you for caring about your viewers. Your energy made the whole experience so much more enjoyable and because of that, I went home in a much better mood than when I left. Hope to see you again!



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