Artist Feature: Jessy (@jessyooms)


I wanted to start a segment on here that will be posted once a month, an Artist Feature. I see so many amazing, talented people both on social media and in real life everyday that create beautiful art in all forms. So starting this month, I’m going to be featuring someone that I have reached out to and Jessy (@jessyooms on instagram) has kindly agreed to be the first.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-09 om 10.01.16 (1)

I came across Jessy on instagram by chance. Her fan art for the girl group little mix (who I am a huge fan of) popped up on the popular page for me and then I ended up scrolling through her page and enjoying all of the art she’s posted. There’s more than just fan art on her account, there’s original characters who have personalities that seem to jump off of the screen.

So I sent her a few questions and she quickly got back to me, here are those answers:

1. How did you get into art?
I got into art at a very young age, in kindergarten I used to paint every day. This continued through middle and high school as well, where I doodled and sketched cartoons in class. I taught myself how to draw by watching other people’s work, studying anatomy and especially practice a lot.
2. How would you describe your art style?
It’s hard to describe my own style because I tend to vary them. I draw cartoons because that’s the easiest style for me to draw. But sometimes I like to mix it with realism.
dani tattoos
3. Do you have a preference in drawing your OC’s or fan art?
I always preferred drawing girls. I really like feminine features & drawing them. Even tho I mostly draw girls, I really taught myself how to draw guys as well, so it’s a lot of fun creating fan art for different people & OC’s. I also like to see diversity and different personalities in characters, which I try to do with mine.
4. Your original characters have so much personality behind them. Where do you get the inspiration for them?OCs
I think people who create OC’s have at least one that’s based off of their own personality. My main original character, Daniëlla Marsh (Dani), is definitely based off of me. Not entirely, but I gave her a piece of my own personality. She’s not an angsty teenager with a traumatizing background, she’s just a normal girl with an everyday life. I didn’t want to make her perfect either, she has her flaws, and I think that’s what makes a character relatable & likable. My other 2 original characters, Jackson and May, are way different than Dani (appearance & personality-wise). They’re not all the same, which makes them more fun to draw.
5. Do you think you’ll want to do art as a career? If so, in which field?
I’m currently studying Graphic Design in college now so I’m still figuring out what exactly I want to do with my art. The studies are going well and it’s the perfect school for me, I can express myself and use my talents. Even if people can’t draw but they’re still a creative person Graphic Design could be something for them too.
6. What advice do you have for anyone that wants to take up art as a new skill?
Practice, practice, practice. That’s all I can really say. Take references picture of someone, a pose/facial expression/…, and study it. Then draw as much as you can.
Thank you again Jessy for agreeing to this and be sure to follow her on instagram.
Feel free to suggest any other artist you think I should feature, tweet me, instagram me, or email me!
~Brittany NaShara
*All artwork was provided by Jessy herself and is owned by her as well*

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