Hello there!

My name is Brittany NaShara, it’s nice to meet you. For the longest time, I’ve loved writing things down. I was an only child, so I found comfort in reading books and writing out my thoughts. Books gave me places to explore and writing things out gave me a way to express myself. I love anything Disney, seriously it’s a bit of a problem, and music is therapy for me. I’m a big advocate for creativity. I believe that you can not function in life without some sort of creative side and that plays a big role in how I live my life today.

I started this blog as kind of an online diary…….that people can see. It’s my safe space to just be my complete self and voice the thoughts that I have in my head and talk about things that I find cool and interesting. I’m learning about myself everyday and as I grow, I find new things to write about and it makes me happy.

Happiness is one of the things that mean the most to me. I genuinely believe that happiness can heal anything. I believe that you’ll go far in your life if you do the things that make you happy and it’s all about how you choose to live.

The bottom line: this is where I just talk. There’s so many things that make me the person that I am and you’ll find that all here on this blog that I love so much and I hope that one person out there relates to at least one thing I post.

Welcome to my journey.


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